311 Most Frequently Asked Questions


311 - General

What is Sacramento County 311, and what would I contact you for?​​

  • ​​We are your link to all​ County Services and take service request for Sacramento County departments, including Animal Care, Code Enforcement, Transportation, Environmental Management, Building Permits and Inspections, missed can service for Waste Management, and so on. You can report issues by calling 311, or 916-875-4311 outside of Sacramento County, online at www.311.saccounty.net or through our 311 Connect Mobile App.

​Do ​your customer service representatives speak Spanish?

  • ​​Some do​​​, and we also have a language-line to assist with non-English speaking residents in the County.

How do I check the status ​of the complaint I filed with 311?

  • ​​​​​​Call 9​16-875-4311 and we can check the status of your complaint, using your case number, address, or phone number. You can also request this information via email at 311.saccounty.net or through our mobile app Sac County 311 Connect on your Apple or Android device.

Animal Services


How soon can I pick up my animal after I have adopted them from the Animal Shelter?

  • ​​​​​​If the animal has already been spayed/neutered and has had all the needed vaccinations, you can take the pet on the day of adoption. Otherwise, the spay/neuter procedure will be scheduled and you will be advised of your pick-up date. The animal must be picked up on the arranged day. If it is not picked up, after 48 hours the animal may be placed back into the shelter for adoption. You must contact Animal Care immediately if you cannot pick up your pet.


How much does it cost to drop off my deceased animal and where can I take it?

Lost / Found

I lost my dog; can you tell me if it is at the animal shelter?

  • ​The best place to fin​​d a lost pet is to visit the shelter's website at www.saccountyshelter.net. Lost and found animals are posted, with photos, description, date, and area they were found. The website is updated every hour when the shelter is open. To be notified if an animal comes in matching the description, register your lost pet on the website or in person (3839 Bradshaw Rd, Sac, CA 95827)  during shelter hours. The website also has useful tips for locating lost pets.

​I found a lost dog and I would like to bring it to the shelter, but the shelter is closed. What should I do?

  • ​​​​Go to the ‘Admissions’ door at the shelter; call the after-hours phone number to let them know you are there with an animal. A staff member will meet you at the door as soon as possible, though wait times may vary depending on the time of day. If you cannot wait and are able to safely keep the animal, return during business hours (Wed-Fri 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. & Sat-Sun 12:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.).


Do I need to bring my ​animal with me to the shelter to have it licensed?

  • ​​​​​​​No, you can pay for a dog licensed without it being present, as long as you have a valid rabies certificate, proof of vaccinations and spay/neuter. 


Who do I call for help with nuisance wildlife such as a skunk?

  • ​​Call the Sacramento County Federal Trapper between 7:​​​30 - 8:30 a.m. at 916-875-6603, Option 5, to speak with a trapper in your area who can assist with control of non-domestic animals in your area.

​​​​What is the Sacramento Ferals​ Program (SACFERALS)? 

  • ​​This program is run by volunteers to help reduce feral cat colonies humanely in Sacramento County. Visit www.sacferals.com to learn about the most successful and proven method of reducing feral cat populations, Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR).

County - ​General Inquiry​

​I paid a parking meter, but it didn’t give me a ticket; what do I do?

  • ​The meter​​​s are all controlled by the City of Sacramento, please call 916-264-5011, or report the issue online: www.cityofsacramento.org.

Where do I find a list of Sacramento County Codes and Ordinances?

​​​Do I need a permit to have a block party for ​​a graduation?

  • ​Yes. You would need a Street Use Permit; these permits are is​​​sued by Transportation Right of Way Management Section and are required for organized activity within the roadway. Examples include street parades, races, block parties, litter clean-up, and covering of nonessential "No Parking" signs to allow parking for special events.

​Street Use Permit for the closure of a roadway can ​be considered with the following criteria:

  • ​The street must be​ a cul-de-sac, dead end or circle street, OR
  • The section being closed is less than a 1/2 mile in length and is intersected by two other residential streets.

​Streets cannot be closed if one o​f the following conditions exists:

  • Speed limit on street is greater than 25 mph
  • Street is an arterial street with more than two lanes
  • 30 days should be allowed for the processing of a Street Use Permit application

​​​My garbage was missed today, can you tell me why? When can I report that my trash/recycle/green waste can was not picked up?

  • There could be a ​​number of reasons for a missed pick-up including a new driver or a truck mechanical issue. We can place a ‘missed can service request’ and have Waste Management do a pickup at your address by 3 p.m. the following business day.
  • Drivers collect cans between 6 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday – Friday. If your can was placed on the street on your service day by 6 a.m., and you feel it was missed, you can report it after 3 p.m. You must report a missed pick up within 3 days, otherwise pick up will be at your next service date.

​​​There is a dirt ditch/canal that runs through my property; is it my responsibility or the County’s to maintain/clean it?

  • ​Generally​​, the County cannot work on private property without a recorded drainage easement. An easement is typically only on or around concrete inlets, pipes, and channels. It is the homeowner's responsibility to keep natural drainage features functional. Some drainage easements are on "common open space," which are typically the responsibility of the homeowner's association. The easement gives the County the right to enter the space to make repairs and fix problems related to public facilities such as culverts and inlets. The underlying land is still owned by the homeowner. If you would like to know if a drainage easement exists on your property, check your subdivision plat at Sacramento County Clerk Recorder’s Office.

Can people leave their trash cans or basketball hoops in the street all day, every day?

  • No. I​​​t is unlawful to place anything in the County right-of-way without the proper permits. The placement of dumpsters, portable basketball hoops, or garbage cans left in the road, or right-of-way are addressed in County code section 12.12 and are subject to fines of $200 per violation and increase by $20 per day for each day beyond an initial 15 day notification of the violation.
  • With the initial complaint a courtesy letter will be sent to the home owner advising them of the violation. If there have been 3 complaints within a 30 day period the issue will be sent up to the supervisor for citation review.

​​​I want to ​​make a report but I am afraid​ of retaliation, how can I be sure my information will not be released?

  • ​​Most departments are State mandated to keep reporting party information confidential​​. The information collected will be for internal use.


The person be​hind me leaves their 2 dogs outside all day long and they bark constantly because no one comes out to see them. I would like to file an animal abuse claim. Can I do that with you?

  • ​For pets that have food, water, and some sort of shelter, you cannot report abuse because they are providing for the animals. However, we can file a complaint for the constant barking with your name, address, and phone number which will be kept confidential. With the first barking dog complaint, a letter will be sent to the dog owner notifying them of the issue. Upon the third complaint, an officer will go out with the letter to speak with the dog owner and give them tips on how to keep the animal from barking. At the fourth complaint it becomes a civil issue and the officer will provide a citizen’s arrest form to fill out.

​​​A neighbor is allowing their dog to use my yard as a bathroom. What can I do?

  • ​​We​​​ can file a report with Code Enforcement who will send out a formal letter to the owner of the dog to advise them of their responsibility for picking up after their animal. All the information we need is the dog owner’s address with the dog’s description.


​​​My neighbor is doing remodeling in his kitchen without any permits. Is this a violation?

  • I​t ca​​​n be a violation. You can file a complaint with us to have the Building and Inspection Department investigate. If a violation notice is served on a property for work being done without a building permit, the owner is subject to violation penalties.


​How can I file a claim for a car accident I had with a County Vehicle?

​​Can my neighbor park their unregistered or inoperable vehicle anywhere on their property?

  • ​No. It ​​is unlawful to park or store, or permit others to park or store automotive vehicles and trailers without current registration or in an inoperable condition on any lot in any residential, interim-residential, interim-estate, recreation, agricultural, interim-agricultural, or agricultural-residential zone unless they are stored in a fully enclosed building. (This answer does not apply to commercial or industrial zones).
  • ​​Storage of up to two vehicles may be allowed outside a fully enclosed building if all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The parcel size is 10,000 square feet or larger, for the first vehicle and that 5,000 addition square feet size is available for the second one
  2. Vehicles are the legal property of the same person/family who resides on the property
  3. Vehicles shall not be stored in the front or side yards
  4. Vehicles should be stored behind a six foot, solid wood fence and may not be visible from the street

​How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

  • ​We c​​an open a report for Code Enforcement Vehicle Abatement if the vehicle is unregistered, dismantled or inoperable. If the vehicle is illegally parked, blocking access to a driveway/entrance, or abandoned trailer/commercial vehicle that is not attached to a vehicle, this should be reported to the Sheriff Parking Enforcement Office